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Americans living longer and better

Americans aren't just living longer, they're living more years without disabilities, too, a new study shows.


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Retirement can be golden for your health

Although aging may mean more physical problems, retirement can help people lead healthier lives, a new study from Australia suggests.


Americans' longer life = poorer health

Americans are living longer, but those extra years may include poor health or a disability, a new study finds.


Intensive exercise a fountain of youth for aging muscles

One key to keeping muscles young is as close as the nearest gym, researchers say.


Even gardening or dancing might cut Alzheimer's risk

Regular physical activity, including gardening or dancing, may cut Alzheimer's risk by as much as 50 percent, a new study suggests.


Daredevil at 20, scam victim at 70? What being a risk-taker may mean to you

Most adult risk-takers continue to take chances as they get older, and that can make them more susceptible to fraud when they're seniors, new research suggests.


Decline in senses affects nearly all seniors

Nearly all older U.S. adults have an age-related decline in at least one of their senses, a new study finds.


Social groups may lengthen retirees' lives

Staying socially active by joining book clubs or church groups may add years to your life after retirement, a new study suggests.


When seniors stop driving, poorer health may be a passenger

Older adults who give up driving may see their mental and physical well-being decline, a new research review finds.


Seniors who head back to school may reduce dementia risk

Going back to school could help older people stave off dementia, a new study suggests.


10 anti-aging tips to make yourself look younger

Since you can’t wish yourself younger, you’ll just have to defy aging the old-fashioned way -- by trying these 10 anti-aging tips to make yourself look younger. More>>

55 percent of boomers worry about parents' driving, only 23 percent are talking about it

As baby boomers reach retirement age, many are faced with a difficult conundrum: balancing the challenges of their own golden years with the demands of elderly family members. More>>

10 vital tips for preventing a heart attack

Preventing a heart attack is possible, but only by committing to a heart-healthy lifestyle. More>>

Rheumatoid arthritis diets: Can they really help?

The idea of a special diet that relieves arthritis symptoms has been around since the 1930s. But does a diet like this really work? More>>

2 natural herbs and 5 simple habits for youthful legs -- no matter your age

There are a few tricks to help ensure you never get varicose veins -- or reduce the appearance of those you have. More>>

10 natural remedies for arthritis pain relief

Arthritis can be a painful and potentially debilitating disease. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can find pain relief for this condition. More>>

10 recommended exercises for older adults

Exercises that are performed should be relative to the abilities of the individuals performing them. To get the most out of an exercise routine, older adults should engage in specific activities and exercises that are geared for a more mature age group. More>>

10 amazing benefits Of Tai Chi for the elderly

One of the greatest benefits of Tai Chi for the elderly is that even individuals who have physical limitations can practice this ancient healing art. More>>

7 super vitamins to help improve memory

The answer to help you improve memory is quite simple, really - vitamins. Here are seven vitamins that can help cure your forgetful woes. More>>

Your aging eyes

As more Americans head toward retirement and beyond, scientists expect the number of people with age-related eye problems to rise dramatically. But you can take steps to ensure you minimize those problems. More>>

Moderate exercise may improve memory in older adults

A new study in older adults shows that brisk walking can increase the size of a brain region involved in memory formation. The finding suggests that moderate physical exercise can help protect the brain as we age. More>>

Paying for nursing home care

The Guide to Choosing a Nursing Home by the Department of Health & Human Services provides valuable information to those about to enter nursing homes or assisted living facilities. More>>

Retirement & travel abroad

When traveling or retiring abroad, older U.S. citizens should consider the following tips and guidelines provided by the U.S. Department of State. More>>

Healthy eating after 50

There are a few common reasons some older people don't eat healthy meals. But, making healthy food choices is a smart and easy thing to do -- no matter how old you are! More>>

Learning to cope with caregiver stress

When you take on the responsibility of caring for aging parents, the added stress can have an overwhelming impact on your physical health and emotional well-being. Some tips for coping. More>>

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