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Is that a stuffed animal or your dog?

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The newest AKC-recognized dog breed looks like a stuffed animal and it doesn't shed! 

Introducing the Pumi, a cuddly combination of lively terrier and hard-working herding dog. The Pumi was officially recognized as a breed earlier this year by the American Kennel Club, though this medium-sized Hungarian herder has a history of working in farms and fields. 

Pumis are very active and energetic, and were originally bred to to herd pigs, cattle, and sheep. With the spunk of a terrier and the intelligence typical of a sheepdog, pumis have an innate urge to please their owners. 

In addition to their people-pleasing nature, their crazy curly-wavy coif is hypoallergenic, so they don’t shed! I repeat, they do not shed! If that’s not the icing on this already adorable cake, then I don’t know what is!

Well, except these Pumi puppies taking their first swimming lesson while Mom and Dad bark their encouragement. 

[To view video on YouTube, Click Here.]

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