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Dan Noon

Ridley Wanted Ripley Dead After "Alien"

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It's not secret that "Alien" ranks up there with one of the most suspenseful action/horror movies of all-time. I still get nightmares from that alien popping out of the dude's stomach!

However, according to the director of the franchise's first and most iconic installment, Ridley Scott wanted the movie's heroine, Ripley, good for dead following the first movie. I look at this declaration in two shades of ego.

One, Scott is exercising his 20/20 hindsight in perhaps to avoid the respectable "Aliens" sequel and abysmal subsequent installments, "Alien 3" and "Alien: Insurrection." We all can think it's best to correct our mistakes for the better.

Two, I can't help but look at this announcement as a hope for fans to check out the new movie that's upcoming in order to drive up attendance and movie ticket sales. How long that will last has yet to be determined. Nonetheless, I'm excited for Alien: Covenant!!

Check out the new trailer for Alien: Covenant coming out May 19. Are you excited for this movie? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter @highnoon619.

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