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Dan Noon

The Americans: A Roller-Coaster Unlike Any Other

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Those of us who love watching television always have that ONE show that we feel either nobody else is watching or it’s so underrated that everyone will start catching on to it once it’s beginning to end.

That show for me is “The Americans” on FX. Season 5 is currently airing. Seasons 1 through 4 are available on Amazon Prime. Season 6 in 2018 will be the show’s final season.

SPOILERS: Includes Tuesday, April 4th’s, episode

Season 5 Episode 5 – “Lotus 1-2-3” – brings us some interesting developments where Philip and Elizabeth are getting a little more intimate with members from AgriCorp and figuring out how they’re trying to starve the nation with pests feasting on a particular strand of wheat. Stan is seeing a woman from his gym, but after Philip and Elizabeth briefly meet her, they start to follow her and think she’s been sent to keep Agent Beeman busy and more occupied outside of the office.

We also learn more about the frustrations with Paige learning the true secret of her parents’ line of work as well as the fear of getting more serious with Stan’s son, Matt. She’s been learning self-defense from Elizabeth but fears of getting hurt emotionally more than physically protecting herself. You can’t blame her as a teenager.

Keeping it in the Jennings family, Philip’s son (whom he’s never met), Mischa, has made his way to the States and wants to meet his father, but Gabriel – the Centre’s representative and mediator for Philip and Elizabeth – has told Mischa that he’ll meet his father but it can’t be here and it can’t be right now. How’s that for some drama, eh?

We know that Oleg Burov, Beeman’s FBI informant-turned-defector, is trying to live a normal life back in the Soviet Union, and it’s odd to see his parents trying to set him up with a girlfriend in his life, while he’s also trying to shake down local grocers that have the best quality food, raking in lots of money in socialist Russia.

I think the best moment of the episode, and call me crazy, was when Philip and Elizabeth are becoming more human throughout the process of spending time with the AgriCorp employees. They realize that they are subconsciously rekindling their love for each other and missing each other like normal couples do being married. It’s quite the climactic moment in the entire series if you ask me.

Seriously, this show has me on pins and needles every single week. I’ve been watching since day one. No binging, but patiently waiting for each installment. Have you seen it? Do you like it? Do you not care for it? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter.

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