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Bates Motel S5E8 Review: "The Body"

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WARNING: Full spoilers from the show's episode below!!

It's the beginning of the end of "Bates Motel," and it couldn't get any more intense and twisted.

Or could it?

Norman has since confessed to the murder of Sam Loomis. He's been taken into the station and they're asking questions about where his body is, and what the motive was behind his killing. Upon being confined to his cell, Norma's side of Norman comes alive and flips out over his latest confession.

Norma then takes matters into her own hands and, shortly after Norman takes his meds, she forces him to throw up his meds into the toilet and she slams his face into the side of the bowl. Even I had cringed a few times. That was gnarly!!

Dylan hires an attorney to represent Norman, in hopes of getting him into a mental institution. Madeline has been informed by Sheriff Greene about the disappearance of her husband, as well as how Norman confessed to such a heinous crime.

Romero is still in hiding with his friend, Maggie, taking care of him, but he decides to take her gun and hunt down Norman, not knowing until later in the episode that the hotel and house has become a crime scene.

Sheriff Greene gets wind of information that the bodies of Jim Blackwell (Romero's contact) and Audrey Ellis (Emma's mother) were found in the lake. Sheriff Greene then informs Dylan about the confirmed death of his now mother-in-law and where his loyalty lies with Norman.

Ultimately, in the waning minutes of the episode, we find out the cops discover Sam's body in the well deep in the woods, Romero kills Chick - who snuck into the house to write more of his "true crime" book on Norman's recordings - by shooting him in front of the typewriter. Finally, we see Sheriff Greene charging Norman for the deaths of Loomis, Blackwell, and Ellis.

How do we make sense of all this?

While I'm thrilled that Chick was finally written out of the story, and should've been a long time ago, taking him out while writing the book in the Bates basement was a little odd. 

Is Madeline going to avenge her husband's death despite his affairs with Marion? Speaking of Marion, is there any chance we see her again as she doesn't even know Sam is dead? 

Will Norman somehow, with his attorney Julia's help, get out of jail and into a mental institution, and in front of a judge to somehow vindicate him by claiming his "confession" was some sort of psychotic episode?

Will Emma find some sort of closure once Dylan tells her about her mother's death?

Finally, will Norma or Norman be the one who kills Romero in the end (if at all), similar to when Detective Arbogast is disposed of in the original movie?

How will this all tie together in the end? There are so many questions. I have my personal views on what I want to happen, but I'm okay with not knowing ahead of time what's going to happen.

What do you think will happen? Let me know your thoughts on Twitter!!

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