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Dan Noon

Better Call Saul S3E1 Recap: "Mabel"

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WARNING: Full spoilers from the show's episode below!!

As we left off in the season 2 finale ("Klick"), Jimmy was in a huge confrontation and secret recording -- courtesy of his brother Chuck -- about his felonious cut-and-paste job to completely embarrass the HHM firm, as well as the reputation of Chuck. Kim is taking on most of Jimmy's accounts at their own will and trust firm. Mike is about to assassinate Hector, for some reason unbeknownst to us. However, someone leaves a note on his car, and a stick leaning into his car horn telling him not to do so.

We come to find out that Jimmy doesn't know he's being recorded. Chuck shares the recording with Howard, and while Howard is baffled and stupefied by the admission, he informs Chuck that there's no legal way for this evidence to work in Chuck's favor. Chuck tells us there's a way, but we've yet to find that out. Meanwhile, Chuck's assistant, Ernesto, stumbles upon the recording and Chuck implores Ernesto about client confidentiality in order to protect everyone.

Jimmy is trying to repair his friendship/relationship with Kim, but that seems like a long way from happening. Jimmy is confronted by the military member who helped him get access to a government airfield to film a TV spot with a fake war veteran. The said military member threatens Jimmy to take the spot off the air, and Jimmy plainly tells him that both should stay in their respective areas of expertise. 

The best parts of the episode find us following Mike around and why he was told not to assassinate Hector. From a note placed on his windshield, this motivates him to completely strip and disassemble his car. He ultimately discovers something about a gas cap. He buys one, takes it apart, and finds something inside it. He then finds the gas cap on his car, and there's something in code or telling him to purchase some sort of a GPS device. He then places that GPS device inside the gas cap of another car, which is subsequently stolen or driven off by someone he suspects of planting something inside his gas cap. Mike then follows that person's car and off we go to likely meet Gus Fring once again.


I love that we have really no idea what the hell is happening with Mike. His story being intertwined - somehow someway - with Jimmy's makes the head spin faster than a tornado. Mike's story is just about as dark and twisted and engaging as Jimmy's is. We have no idea how Jimmy will keep Chuck quiet, or if Chuck has some sort of ace-in-the-hole precedent with Jimmy's admission of guilt. Will Hector and Gus be working together, using Pollos Hermanos as a front for whatever their operation may be? I think this is shaping up, already, to be the best season of Better Call Saul yet and this says a lot with the first two seasons being spectacular as well.

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