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The Americans S5E6 Recap: "Crossbreed"

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WARNING: Full spoilers from the show's episode below

"I'm going home," said Gabriel.

In doing my best Lee Corso impersonation... "Not so fast, my friend!"

The episode began with Elizabeth (Keri Russell) informing Gabriel (Frank Langella) that Morozov is planning to end world hunger with the "super-wheat" that he's growing at AgriCorp. Gabriel aptly replies, " Miss America, huh?" Gabriel wonders how Philip, as well as Elizabeth, are handling the news of killing an innocent lab worker. Elizabeth implores Gabriel that Philip is fine, but Gabriel and the Centre seem to think otherwise and worry about him.

This transitions to a meeting with the three of them, where Gabriel has some sort of revelation or epiphany or whatever you want to call it, and he's going back home. Where that might be? I certainly don't know. He doesn't give a reason, nor does he let on that he's in a worse condition that we originally met him. Also, Elizabeth meets up with Benjamin Stobert again in Topeka, Kansas, where she learns more about Tai Chi and how to relax and calm herself while being spread so thin on her missions.

Oleg and Ruslan are continuing to rough up grocers and trying to get info from them on who pays them for quality goods and how they choose who gets good food, and who gets less-than-average food. In this process, Oleg has an epiphany of his own to destroy the tape that could be used against him for either being sent to Siberia (metaphorically and literally) or, even worse, killed. He burns the tape and blueprint of whatever he received from his American contact in Moscow. I love where this is going. More on that shortly.

Beeman and Aderholt meet up with a woman, Evgheniya, in hopes of using her as a conduit to leading them to the Russians in uncovering the secret for their entire plan. We don't know their angle or her whole story, but it's gonna get very interesting. We also learn that Philip's son from a previous relationship, Mischa, went back to Russia and was whisked away by a Russian diplomat or intermediary for, likely, the Centre. 

Most importantly, and it's two-fold, we learn that Philip (Matthew Rhys) has been having these memories and he doesn't know much about his father. He remembers having little to nothing most of his childhood and he met in a one-on-one with Gabriel where he informed Philip that his father was a guard for a prison camp. Philip now often wonders if that's where he gets his talents. Also, the final moments of the episode brought us Paige meeting Gabriel for the first time after she spoke to Elizabeth about the book Pastor Tim gave her on Karl Marx and his socialist principles. 


Every episode in season 5 has been outstanding, and we know that Paige is showing more and more interest in her parents' work, and it makes you wonder how soon she'll be in deeper and deeper training to be a spy, or if she goes double-agent style on her parents. Also, how will Oleg remain loyal to the Soviet soil and keep those skeletons in his closet? Will Philip and Elizabeth become more parental in their approach to Paige learning about their work, as well as Philip coming more to the realization of who he's become over the years as a spy and, more importantly, a killer. 

I'm also increasingly curious how Gabriel will leave us and perhaps make Philip and/or Elizabeth some sort of heir apparent, or will Claudia take over his responsibilities. How will AgriCorp finalize their "super-wheat," and if, in fact, it's being used to help breed pests and insects and some sort of super-weapon, how will that all tie into the story. We shall see. 

I'm sure you have more questions if you watch the show. If you do, let me know on Twitter.

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