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Better Call Saul S3E2: "Witness"

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WARNING: Spoilers from the full episode below

We pick up with Chuck being paranoid about what Jimmy may or may not do to him after their latest hash-out of disagreements over Jimmy's confession. Through HHM, Chuck has hired around-the-clock private investigators to help guard him since he's somewhat helpless in a physical confrontation. 

Mike is continuing to search for the man who told him not to assassinate Hector. It brings him (and us, for that matter) to a fast-food joint called "Los Pollos Hermanos." This excites Breaking Bad fans as we not only remember how pivotal the restaurant played in that series, but we also reacquaint ourselves with the ringleader of said joint, Gus Fring.

A gentleman is carrying a knapsack that intrigues Mike, and he follows this guy throughout the night and enlists Jimmy's help to observe said gentleman. After nothing surfaces from this experiment, Jimmy runs into Gus and while nothing substantial came out of their bumping into each other, we know there's more to come. 

We learn more about Kim and Jimmy's firm looking for a paralegal to help with things around the office. The woman they hire, Francesca, used to work at the Motor Vehicles Division in New Mexico, and there's a hilarious discussion about why it's called that and not the DMV in other states.

After everything starts picking up, Chuck’s assistant, Ernesto, comes to a crossroads and needs to tell someone about the conversation he heard on the tape inside Chuck’s house. He parks outside Kim and Jimmy’s office building. He brings Kim out and informs her of what he heard. This leads Kim to take whatever money Jimmy has in his wallet to guarantee client confidentiality on whatever he tells her. She’s going to do whatever she can to keep the tape as evidence toward convicting Jimmy.

Mike is found tracing the GPS inside the gas cap he put together, and it's lying in the middle of a rural road with a cell phone on top of the gas cap. It rings, and Mike answers it with a simple inquiring "Yeah.”

We find that Howard is sneaking his way around Chuck’s neighborhood. Upon arriving at Chuck’s house, he says Chuck needs to cut back on the use of P.I.’s around his house. Meanwhile, Jimmy is on the warpath, and he ends up kicking down Chuck’s door to wonder why Chuck taped him. Jimmy finds the tape and destroys it, not knowing the P.I. and Howard are hiding yet witnessing everything. Howard comes out to stop the chaos for the time being. Jimmy is beside himself, not knowing what to next. Chuck clarifies that Howard and Dave (the P.I.) are witnesses and the show cuts to black.


Jimmy is in deep you-know-what at this moment, and it looks like he’s just primarily depending on what Kim can find as far as precedents and legal obstacles that could force the tape to not be used as evidence, even though we’re unsure Chuck made copies of said tape.

What’s amazing though is the development of Mike’s storyline and how he gets involved with Gus Fring and his associates. How long will this play out? How long until Mike gets Jimmy’s help via another associate of theirs or does someone else come out of the blue (like Walter White perhaps?) and we get a real showdown going?

One thing’s for sure: Vince Gilligan (and especially with show co-creator Peter Gould) is a master of directing a scene with as little (if any at all) dialogue being exchanged. That scene with Mike following the random guy with the knapsack was as intense as any episode, especially with his Emmy-worthy performance back in the first season.

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