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Bates Motel S5E9 Recap: "Visiting Hours"

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WARNING: Spoilers from the full episode below

Dylan has just learned the news of Emma's mother's body being found at the lake along with another body that we know Norma/Norman killed. She's extremely conflicted because she's afraid she's not necessarily grieving over the loss of her mother, but, more so, she wants vengeance in getting even with her mother's killer. 

While she's thinking of what to do next, she makes her way to the local funeral home to discuss proceedings for her mother's burial or cremation. She is adamant in how important in her life her own mother was, while declaring that Norma was more of a mother than Audrey was. She wanted to see Norma’s grave and did so, as sort of a part of the gaining closure from her mother’s death.

Emma concludes, and written ever so well this way, by having her mother cremated, with a few ashes that she ends up spreading out in the woods as a sense of closure. This motivates her to leave for home to be with her daughter in order to provide a better life and be a better mother than her own was for her.

Norman has a preliminary trial hearing to determine whether he’s going to take this to trial or not. His lawyer requests it does, even though the body language of Norma/Norman shows us otherwise. People attending the hearing include Madeleine Loomis (Sam’s widow), as well as Dylan, despite him storming out in the middle of it.

Following the hearing, Dylan is confronted by Madeleine, still in disbelief of Norman’s dissociative identity disorder (as determined by his attorney), and she is convinced that Dylan should’ve put Norman in an institution as he’s known his whole life that Norman is crazy.

We catch up with Romero making his way around town after gunning down Chick. He fills up the stolen car at the station, and knuckles are white and nails are bitten as we see another gas station customer ask about the car and its history.

Romero heads back to Maggie’s place and finds out where Norman is being kept in between the hearing and the trial. He finds his way to sneak up on the receptionist, as she’s getting ready to leave for the night. He drags her into the office as well as 4 other police officers (which boggles the mind how this could plausibly happen) while having their firearms removed.

Romero then forces the group of officers into Norman’s cell, while demanding Norman leave the cell with him and the receptionist. After choking the hell out Norman, Romero lets go of him and wants him to take them all to Norma’s body.


It’s wonderful to see Emma’s character get the closure she gets, despite her character being seldom used throughout the show’s final season. She deserves this as she’s gone through so much with the lung transplant and feeling such a kismet with Norma (before finding out the truth about her this season).

Norman is in for a hell of a final battle with Romero as both will stop at nothing to get whatever is they ultimately want. It seems to me that Romero will not get the last laugh and Norman will somehow come out on top. He will enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity, and some loophole will allow him to stay under house arrest after a determined amount of time inside a maximum-security penitentiary.

If that doesn’t happen, my next guess would be that Dylan finds a way to track down Norman and end Norman’s life as a sense of closure for him and Norma as well. However, that’s my sleeper pick.

I think it’s safe to say that Marion Crane (Rihanna) is out of the picture, but I wouldn’t place bets on that because with this show, it’s proof that anything can happen.

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