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The Americans S5E7 Recap: "The Committee on Human Rights"

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WARNING: Spoilers from the show's full episode below

Elizabeth and Philip have brought Paige to meet Gabriel in a last-ditch effort to help Gabriel stay in the States to keep helping them complete their missions. Gabriel still refuses to give his reasons as to why he's leaving and we have no indication as to why either. What I gain from this is his cancer has come out of remission and he's letting on a lot less than Philip and Elizabeth deserve to know.

Paige, while continuing to process how much of a father figure Gabriel has been to her parents in a way, has decided to take her mother's advice and break up with Stan Beeman's son, Matthew. Matthew is not taking it very well. He tries to plead with her to make things work and in doing so, he tries to grab her arm (not in a violent way). Paige reacts, as a result of her brief training, shoves Matthew a few feet. Paige is probably coming to the realization that she can train herself in self-defense and prove to be an independent girl/woman when the time is right.

In the middle of all this, Philip gets together with Deirdre Kemp again and wonders if she’s ever lived with anyone. She said Philip was getting too clingy when he brought up the idea of possibly moving to Topeka to further their relationship. It’s a little odd because I wonder if she’s growing concerned of Philip getting attached too quickly and catching on to his plan (whatever she might think it is).

In following Benjamin Stobert – Elizabeth’s contact for AgriCorp – to Memphis, they discover that he’s headed somewhere to meet someone. It turns out it’s a woman with whom he’s very romantic. This catches Elizabeth completely off-guard and it proves to us that even the best trained Russian operatives, or any covert agent of any kind, can prove to be human in the event of being betrayed. Philip tries to help Elizabeth understand the emotions she’s feeling and she is clearly experiencing denial. In the middle of this conflict, Philip and Elizabeth had traveled to the grain fields where Benjamin’s growing the “super grain” to steal a few. They kept one and gave one to Gabriel to take back home.

Aderholt and Beeman receive a phone call from their informant, Evgheniya, about meeting in a park about her employment at TASS, a Russian news agency. She wants asylum for herself, and protection for her son in exchange for whatever information she can provide for the FBI. However, Stan provides little to no comfort for her in being blunt about the possibilities of what could arise from this operation.

We learn a couple other things about Stan: he has been brought in by his boss, and is informed via the Deputy Attorney General that the FBI is backing off Burov in Moscow. That’s the good news. However, the DAG wants Beeman reassigned from counterintelligence. The only good thing from this demand is that Stan has to finish his current operation.

The second thing we learn about Stan starts to confide about his work with his new girlfriend, Renee. There’s growing concern from Philip and Elizabeth that Renee could have been sent to work over Stan in order to get info to foil his operation and/or help the Russians. It’s hard to tell since she’s playing it so well.


While many who try to watch this show for the first time could feel this show is insanely slow or dull or quiet and doesn’t develop as quickly as they’d wish, the storylines and the writing and, of course, the acting of all the core, and secondary, characters prove why this is one of the best TV shows right now, and of all-time.

I’m wondering if Stan is going to figure out if Renee has an ulterior motive with how she’s spending so much time with Stan lately and if she starts to inquire too much all at once. Will Stan start working independently, not only to avenge, but to figure out how his boss was murdered in Thailand?

Will Philip advance his relationship with Deirdre, and Elizabeth with Benjamin, and how will that play out. Will Elizabeth confront Benjamin? How will she be able to keep her composure after showing her true feelings in this latest episode?

Will Paige focus on training, reading more Karl Marx, and learning more exactly about what her parents do? It’s fair to say that Claudia could assume Gabriel’s role as the primary contact for Philip and Elizabeth, and maybe Paige will use Claudia to her advantage, and vice versa

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