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#BetterCallSaul S3E3 Recap: "Sunk Costs"

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WARNING: Spoilers from the full show's episode below

The show began with a Los Pollos Hermanos delivery truck passing through a rural, desert area in Mexico, with a power line having a pair of shows dangling from the wire. Upon stopping at the "ALTO" sign, the laces begin to break, and after the truck moves on from the stop, the shoes fall to the ground.

Chuck tells Jimmy that he will press charges after Jimmy destroyed parts of the inside of his house, and backed Chuck into a corner. Jimmy is then arrested by the police, booked and jailed. At his arraignment, the charges have been read to him. He’s facing numerous misdemeanors and a felony. He adamantly declares he will represent himself in his case. While the judge is strongly urging him to consider otherwise, Kim storms into the courtroom (after Ernesto informs her of the events), and gets shut down by Jimmy and the Judge to represent him as his legal counsel.

After posting bond as declared by the judge since his record shows no priors, Jimmy makes his way back to the office and implores Kim that he must amend the mistakes he’s made completely on his own. It’s his self-discovery that proves to be a great story arc in this show, and makes us wonder, from the scene where he lights a match – from a bail bond company matchbox – for his cigarette that this could be the beginning of the transition from Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman.

Mike, in the meantime, has a meeting out in another part of the rural highways of New Mexico with Gustavo Fring. There’s a connection between Hector Salamanca and Fring that we learn, as well as whether or not the friction between Gus and Mike will cease in the foreseeable future. Mike says he’s not done with Hector, and Gus wants to enlist Mike to do some recon work in order to put one of Hector’s goons and delivery people out of work.

Mike takes this opportunity to drive down to Mexico. He meets with a doctor at a free clinic. Mike says their mutual acquaintance has determined that he needs a package of a particular kind of drug in certain dimensions. He takes this package, and stuffs it in his gun bag.

As he arrives to the aforementioned area in the desert with the power line that used to have a pair of shoes dangling from it, Mike has a plan (as if we doubted him). He grabs a new pair of what looks like Converse (Chuck Taylors specifically) shoes and stuffs the drugs in the shoes. He then tosses the new pair of shoes onto the power line to dangle like they have in the past.

Two guys driving a different kind of delivery truck (one we recognize from the Breaking Bad days) make a stop to dispose of their firearms into a makeshift gopher hole. They hear gunshots in the distance (shots fired in the air by Mike) and they determine to ignore them because of possible hunters going after their prey. Much to their chagrin and ignorance, as they begin to leave and pass by the shoes on the power line, Mike hits his bulls-eye. The shoe with the drugs begins to leak a powdery substance onto the truck, including the steps into the back of the truck.

The brilliance of this shows us Mike knew the customs and border enforcement officers, along with their K9 units would sniff out the drivers and arrest them on the spot. It was incredibly well-executed.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Kim discuss the possibility of how to approach his defense against Chuck and how there’s a good possibility of it going to trial. Chuck is reluctant to go to trial, but will stop at nothing to do the right thing against his brother. We learn that Chuck has also filed a pre-prosecution diversion. This means that the misdemeanors will be wiped away, but Jimmy has to write a confession about his felony fraud charge to the New Mexico Bar Association. If it goes to trial and he’s convicted, he’ll have to face the Bar anyway. Jimmy and Kim are now looking to go to war together. Also, Jimmy wants to go down swinging rather than play to the tune of Chuck’s duplicitous ways.


The visual storytelling in this episode was stellar to say the least. Vince Gilligan and the production crew know how make us live on the edge of our seat every single episode, even when there’s little to no dialogue (yet again).

I’m a little unsure as to why we needed to view Kim’s morning routine of going to the gym and going to work, but I’m confident the writers have a reason to do so. So, I won’t doubt them there.

What does interest me, is how much development in Gus’s character will be revealed to us, and how soon should viewers expect to see Walter White. How will he fit into Mike’s and Jimmy’s story, if at all, and we barely get a glimpse of Walter upon meeting Gus?

This season is as strong, if not stronger, as the previous two seasons and it should be interesting how the court proceedings that follow will sway Jimmy into one direction over the other.

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