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Dan Noon

Better Call Saul S3E5 Recap: "Chicanery"

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This is quite possibly the best season of Better Call Saul we’ve seen to date, and that’s saying a lot from the genius minds of Peter Gould and Vince Gilligan.

WARNING: Spoilers from the show’s full episode below

This is a ridiculous rollercoaster ride with Chuck filing suit against Jimmy to have his law license revoked. The majority of the episode centered on the hearing.

The hair was standing up on my arms when Chuck’s attorney questioned Jimmy motives. That was followed by Kim’s great cross-examination of Howard’s view on Chuck’s motive to block Jimmy’s hire at HHM. The reason being nepotism proved to backfire as the firm is Howard, his father, and Chuck as senior partners, and yet Chuck had nepotistic opposition to hiring his brother, “Charlie Hustle.”

What’s interesting though, as I Tarantino this review, is how the episode opened with a trip down memory lane. Chuck tried to have a nice dinner with his ex-wife, Rebecca, and he still hadn’t told her about his “condition.”

This was brought up in Jimmy’s cross-examination of Chuck in order to get a clearer picture about how Chuck processes the physical pain and discomfort from battery-operated products and electronic devices. However, during his testimony, Chuck states that he overly exaggerated his condition in order to provoke a felonious confession out of Jimmy.

Jimmy tries to prove that Chuck is exaggerating his condition. This comes after everyone is ordered to empty his or her pockets of any battery-operated devices for Chuck’s convenience.

Jimmy proves that he had his cell phone in his own suit, and, while standing not 3 feet away from Chuck, Jimmy is declaring that Chuck is over-acting on the condition of his disease to prove his speculation that Jimmy committed in order to provoke said confession of a crime.

Chuck isn’t affected by Jimmy’s phone, but we discover that Jimmy took the battery out of his phone. This is obviously why Chuck hasn’t had any pain or discomfort during his testimony. However, Jimmy had a witness, who, as previously stated, bumped into Chuck in the hallway and slipped a fully charged phone battery into Chuck’s breast pocket. Chuck hasn’t experienced any pain since such an encounter, and thus proving to Jimmy and the court that Chuck is, for all intents and purposes, out of his mind.

Chuck proceeds to go on a rant about how Jimmy, throughout their lives, would constantly get caught with his hand in the cookie jar – metaphorically speaking – and he didn’t deserve any success in his life, and somehow Chuck did everything ethically right. It was a momentous occasion in the season, and the series, for that matter.


It would not surprise me that the pre-prosecution diversion, in order to get Jimmy disbarred from the New Mexico Bar Association, would be dropped or rendered inadmissible. I would love to see if Chuck goes any further, or perhaps the writers want to have Chuck get some help.

How does this affect the relationship between Chuck and everyone at HHM? How is Mesa Verde going to be affected with the tape that’s been admitted into evidence of the trial? Will Kim still be offered the job to work with Mesa Verde after her big win for them?

This is probably the ultimate question: when will be see the transformation from Jimmy McGill to Saul Goodman? When does he become the slime-ball that he really is, despite his extremely sharp legal acumen?

I’m going to restate this for posterity… This is quite possibly the best season of Better Call Saul because the first two seasons, while equally excellent, have set up a wild and crazy third season.

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