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"I Think We've Got An Ignorant Death Czar"

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Half-baked Crackpot News expose -- Full team coverage on a shocking development from within the world of the DSC.

An important figurehead in the DSC organization came under fire once again today.  

Chris Boyer, currently in the midst of his first term as the Celebrity Death Czar, was criticized on Monday for his decision to exclude famed actor Powers Boothe from Celebrity Heaven.

A representative of the actor said Boothe died in his sleep on Sunday. His credits include Deadwood, Nashville, and his 1980 Emmy-winning portrayal as cult leader Jim Jones in the TV movie Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones.  

But according to the current Czar, Boothe's long and successful career is absent one rather meaningful element -- an appearance on The Rockford Files.  In the mind of Czar Boyer, that singular omission was enough to bar Mr. Boothe from entering Celebrity Heaven.  

For those not in-the-know, the Celebrity Death Czar charter calls for the presiding Czar to pass judgment over the career of any figure from the world of entertainment, pop culture, etc. Typically, name recognition and high-level achievements are prerequisites which inform the judgment of any czar.  

The decision to exclude an award-winning actor (who's successful career spanned decades) enraged an already critical base of DSC listeners, some of whom are now calling for his dismissal. Their anger seemingly fueled by frustration, annoyance and the daily display of a degree of moral turpitude, which some say is unbecoming of a proper czar.

Critics of Czar Boyer's judgment cite his negative decisions regarding Mary Tyler Moore (*), George "The Animal" Steele, and the drummer from the rock band, Boston.    

One DSC listener, Mark from La Mesa, suggested the Czar Boyer be completely removed from office...
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Another listener, Wendy, actually launched an impeachment drive on social media. Tweets Wendy...
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While show host Dave Rickards initially thought that both of those criticisms were questionable, his perspective later seemed to tilt towards an ouster.  

Mr. Rickards further pointed out that the Czar Boyer is stricken with a syndrome best described as "culturally retarded." 

Meanwhile, producer Emily Jane Suave mentioned that the DSC community is well aware of Czar Boyer's idiosyncrasies, and choice to vote him in to office anyway.

Adding to the debate, the grand jury testimony of two  former Death Czars (Ruth 66 and Cookie "Chainsaw" Randolph) who also disagreed with Boyer, stating that Boothe's career warranted admittance.  

Following consultation with the constituent/listeners, hearing arguments from respected figures, and following your basic logic -- it was determined that impeachment is unlikely.

Instead, it appears that the only way Czar Boyer will be removed from office -- is via a bloody coup.  

Despite the hand-wringing, inquiries, accusations, finger-pointing, and bad words--the question remains...  

Does Mr. Boyer possess the clarity of mind to successfully execute the responsibilities of the Celebrity Death Czar office? 

The Digital Mistress, Hanson, and Howie Feltersnatch contributed to this report. 

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