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Better Call Saul S3E6 Recap: "Off Brand"

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It's like the gift that keeps on giving, especially during Christmastime, but instead, this week, it feels like I got a pair of socks instead of a Red Ryder BB gun.

WARNING: Spoilers from this week’s episode below

Nacho starts collecting money from others while Hector sits behind him in his restaurant. The first guy meets his mark, while another guy, Domino, is light and says he’ll make up his share next week. Nacho to knock some sense, literally and metaphorically, into Domino.

We then flash to another time when Nacho was learning how to sew leather in his dad’s shop elsewhere. He hits a snag and stops sewing because the webbing of his hand, in between the index finger and thumb, got caught.

Kim begins her closing remarks during Jimmy’s hearing. Subsequently, Kim and Jimmy are celebrating a victory, likely a 12-month suspension as opposed to revocation of Jimmy’s law license.

Howard makes his way to Chuck’s house and is confused as to Chuck’s isolation from the rest of the world. Chuck lets Howard in and as they sip from a wonderful bottle of 35-year-old bottle of scotch, Chuck is informed of Jimmy’s suspension. Howard implores Chuck to move on from what Jimmy did.

Jimmy is beginning to inform his clients that he’s “taking a sabbatical/hiatus from the law,” as a result of his suspension. Upon calling his last client, he learns about a man who claims he flew a B-29 on 32 missions. This persuades Jimmy to quickly call up a local television station to pull his commercial off the air. However, he doesn’t want to lose all that money.

A Los Pollos Hermanos truck gets cleaned out followed by a retrieval of some drugs embedded in the structure of the truck. Nacho makes sure the drugs that were transported are all the same weight. He then stuffs five of the packages into his bag, plus one more for Don Hector. Gus is notified of this, and tells his henchmen to let him have it. Meanwhile, Gus checks out a factory of sorts. This is a prelude to where he begins thinking about his factory where we first discovered on Breaking Bad.

Chuck makes his way downtown with, supposedly, a lot of discomfort from the electricity via many buildings while wearing a suit made of the material he put up in his home to protect him. While finding a payphone, he’s in urgent need of a meeting with his former doctor, Lara Cruz.

Hector questions Nacho about his exchange. This motivates Hector to find a new way to get his stuff across the border. Hector claims he’ll take good care of Nacho’s father if they use his upholstery shop. We also find out that Tuco, serving a 6-month sentence, knifed a guy and broke a security guard’s jaw. Hector is pissed, reaches for his pills, and eventually calms down.

Jimmy seems to have finally unloaded his TV airtime after much door-to-door selling. He’s made a commercial about making TV commercials. Under an odd disguise, he’s promoting small business owners belong on TV, and we learn this particular disguise comes with a new name – Saul Goodman.


While the entire series, let alone the third season, has been gripping, suspenseful and thrilling altogether, this episode was sort of a break from all the craziness. I’m not saying it was terrible, but it was a bit of a letdown. I’m all for shifts in the cycle, but for some reason, it felt as if the writers wanted us to have a timeout from everything that’s transpired.

We finally get the origin of Jimmy’s transition into Saul Goodman and why he chose that name. Chuck is certifiably insane but it’s nice to see he’s trying to reach out for help, even if it’s in a conventional form. Also, Kim seems like she wants nothing to do with Jimmy’s plan for a TV commercial selling the making of TV commercials.

Hector is hell-bent on getting his drugs across the border without any problems, and Gus is getting ready to set up his new factory. This has me excited because we might be getting closer and closer to possibly meeting Jesse Pinkman and Walter White in a Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul crossover. I’m calling my shot right now and saying we will me either Jesse and/or Walter in the season 3 finale’s cliffhanger and it will be the talk of the summer, fall, and winter, leading up the season 4 premiere.

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