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Dan Noon

Hilarity Ensued: Impractical Jokers in San Diego

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It was a night full of laughs, hilarity, and entertainment. It was also nothing short of enjoyable, that is if you knew what the show was all about.

The Tenderloins are a comedy foursome. They travel and do improvisational comedy. They, more importantly, do an awesome show on truTV called “Impractical Jokers.” They set up cameras and challenge each other to complete challenges set forth by the other guys. If they don’t do as their told, or the get the fewest amount of points, they lose, and the biggest loser gets to be punished at the end of the episode.

Sal Vulcano, Joe Gatto, Brian Quinn, and James Murray invaded the San Diego Civic Theatre for, not one but, TWO shows. They shared a few clips they put together not for broadcast. There was plenty of foul language, but it was all in good, comedic fun. The amount of self-deprecation, along with teasing of the other guys, was all in the making an entertaining evening.

The opening comic, James Harris (I believe that was his name), was a great kickoff to the evening telling some great anecdotes about his father being a New York City firefighter, and how his mother was afraid to have kids to turn out to be gay. Something to the effect of gothic-looking kids would be more crazy that having gay children. I’m telling the jokes terribly in paraphrasing them, but it was loads of fun.

When the Tenderloins came out, they received a standing ovation. These guys had all the charisma, stamina, endurance and humor in the world, and nothing could stop them. They started with when Murr suffered a punishment that left him with his eyebrows shaven, and taking a new driver’s license picture.

The guys told stories, left and right, from both on the show, and in their real lives away from the camera. Everything from when Q went hunting for the first time, when Sal suffered road rage and got caught off-guard by a fan, and when Joe dated a woman who put the phrase “dot-com” at the end of everything she said.

My personal favorite part of the show was a clip the guys showed where they tried to prove, in 4 different skits, who was the creepiest. Joe dressed up as a Willy Wonka knock-off handing out candy; Q camouflaged himself as a bush creeping up on a Little League baseball game; Sal was a guy traveling in a van trying to get people to leave with him in the van; but the winner, in a landslide, was Murr dressing up as a man who looked like a pedophile (also, without uttering a single word) just sitting on benches and outside fences looking on at various types of people.

Murr dressed up in the same pedophile-looking dude outfit at the end of the show. I couldn’t stop laughing during the skit, along with my wife, but it was an extra thrill to see Murr come out in that outfit.

The most incredible segment, aside from the side-splitting clips, is how thankful the guys were with a couple things: one, that they showed how far the channel truTV had come from transitioning into comedy programming, and how, in my humble opinion, they’ve become the most popular show on said channel; two, the guys are incredibly grateful for the fans that showed at both shows, as well as across the entire country. They had no idea that they’d grow to be such celebrities in having as much fun as they do.

I reckon that you take the leap and A) watch this show (as re-runs will be coming to the CW San Diego later this fall), and B) hope you enjoy laughing. I understand this show isn’t for everyone, but it appeals to greater masses than you can imagine. Check them out on tour if you’re given the opportunity.

Check out Impractical Jokers (Sal, Joe, Q, and Murr) on Twitter. Let me know your thoughts as well. Here's to a laugh or two!! Cheers!! 

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