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Better Call Saul S3E7 Recap: "Expenses"

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The suspense continues to build and Jimmy/Saul is setting things in motion for a wild final 3 episodes in the third season.

WARNING: Spoilers from this week’s episode below.

Jimmy begins his probation with the city’s Parks Department in picking up trash along the highways. While that’s happening, Jimmy is taking phone calls to shoot commercials for local companies in order to make up for the time & money he’s lost in his TV contract.

He’s not doing too well because a furniture store and guitar center are both rejecting his deluxe plans in paying for all 7 remaining spots. The furniture store pays for one, and the guitar center owners (played by the Sklar Brothers, which is awesome by the way) ultimately reject the offer.

Jimmy is desperate that he ends up offering to shoot the first commercial for free contingent on the slew of customers that will roll into the store. Then, the original rate will apply to future spots. But, I digress.

We learn, also, that Kim is meeting with Paige at Mesa Verde in order to keep the account. She’s working tirelessly, and her exhaustion/frustration shows when she is proving that their rates need to go up in relation to other states. Kim slams the book of guidelines on the table, and subsequently apologizes.

Kim works with Jimmy to figure out how he’s going to cover expenses/bills for the office while he’s suspended from practicing law. He’s made some decent money but it’s starting to get tight.

Mike is starting to help with a local support group at the church. He’s laying cement for a new walkway at a playground. He’s a very handy man, and others want him to delegate so that he doesn’t have to do everything himself. He meets Anita, a woman who lost her husband (who was in the Navy) and she recently, after 8 years since he died, gave up his clothes to charity to help find closure.

Mike provides some support for Anita, and while he’s being a good friend, he’s got other plans with Caldera. Caldera reached out to Mike because Nacho wanted him to get capsules that look exactly like Hector’s heart medication. However, Nacho wants the capsules to be empty. He offers Caldera $20K for the job. Mike initially rejects the offer to help Caldera, but after meeting with Anita, somehow Mike says he’s up for helping.

In meeting with Nacho, Mike asks the appropriate questions as to why Nacho wants to do this to Hector, and if he’s ready for the questions to be asked if somehow Hector kicks the bucket due to the lack of medication.

The conclusion of the episode brings Jimmy to the offices of his malpractice insurance. He’s trying to cancel coverage and get a refund. Obviously, rules are set to forbid refunds of this nature. Jimmy “lets it slip” that his brother Chuck is mentally insane and had a breakdown in court during the hearing, and the employee takes notes. Jimmy pleads to have that stay in house, but upon leaving, Jimmy provides the biggest smirk.


The seeds have been planted by Jimmy in order to hopefully get Chuck completely out of the picture while Jimmy continues to serve his suspension. Jimmy’s striking out with shooting his commercials is awful, but it’s his own doing. He got himself into this position. However, it’d be amazing to see if Jimmy somehow finds a loophole that will allow him to get his license reinstated earlier than anticipated.

How will Howard and Chuck handle the latest examples of chicanery involving Jimmy, and will it even matter in the end?

Mike’s involvement yet again with Caldera makes one wonder if Caldera will be around much longer. First, there were his baseball cards, and now he’s being recruited to take away the medication of an adversary of Mike and, more importantly, Gus.

Speaking of Gus, I’m surprised there was no mention of him or scenes including him in this episode, but it’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m sure we’re going to get a load of him in the final 3 episodes.

This is more of a wild card, but I’m wondering if there’s going to be a romantic involvement between Anita and Mike. I know that he found a connection with her late husband because they both wore uniforms in their lines of work.

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