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The Americans S5E12 Recap: "The World Council of Churches"

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When will the kids on The Americans reach their boiling point?

WARNING: Spoilers from this week’s episode below.

The episode centers not only around Paige and Henry, but also Oleg over in the Soviet Union. Oleg is constantly fighting some demons of whether or not he’s going to be charged with high treason in working with Stan in the States. Oleg is talking with the Prosecutor, and they’re looking to take down the bosses who are fixing the amount of food being given out to Soviet citizens.

Oleg ends up having a conversation with his mom. He inquires about her time in a prison camp during the war. She said in order for her to have food, a heavy blanket, and shoes, she had to sleep with the guard. This rips Oleg to pieces and he can’t believe it. He follows it up with a chat with his dad. His dad is imploring Oleg that he wants to help Oleg with his problems in taking down those responsible. Oleg cannot get his dad involved and he says as much despite it hurting him so much.

Pastor Tim tells Paige that he’s been offered a job in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and that he and Alice will take it. They leave in a couple of months. Paige begins to question her parents about how this process works, how they choose a location and put the wheels in motion. She also asks how her parents got the last name of Jennings. It turns out the Centre gives them names of people who are deceased. Paige tosses her crucifix necklace in the trash, only to have Elizabeth retrieve it and tell her that she has to keep wearing it until Pastor Tim leaves.

Beeman and Aderholt are waiting at Sofia’s apartment, and she comes home with her now-fiancée Gennady. He informs the two agents, amid their happiness, that he wants the States and the Soviet Union to work together and not have any war. After this preface, Gennady, due to Sofia being shy and afraid to ask, thinks that the FBI should be paying her more every month because of the dangerous task she’s undertaking for them.

Elizabeth and Evgheniya are cutting out coupons when Evgheniya’s son Pascha rushes home and upstairs. Evgehniya is frightened because Pascha has a black eye because he got into a fight. Elizabeth talks to Tuan and says that Evgheniya has no reason to go back to the Soviet Union if her husband Alexei won’t go. They need to come up with a new plan.

We also revisit Mischa – Philip’s estranged son whom he’s never met – when he’s working in a factory. He’s been told he has a visitor. This man, in my opinion, looks and sounds like he could be Philip’s brother or cousin.

Philip and Elizabeth also meet with Claudia to discuss how Paige feels about Pastor Tim’s acceptance of the new job offer. Then, they tell Claudia how they feel about going back home to the Soviet Union and how the kids would adjust. Claudia says it won’t be easy either way. She says, more often than not, those who return home don’t regret it.

Then, they both meet up with Pastor Tim and ask for his thoughts on them going home, and he pretty much summed it up like Claudia did. There are pros and cons for both scenarios. He really doesn’t have an answer.

The insane cliffhanger comes when Tuan tells Philip and Elizabeth a new plan to get the Morozovs to leave and go back home. He taught Pascha when and how to slit his wrists that night. It’s about to happen and this heavily concerns Philip and Elizabeth. They demand Tuan call it off. They dial the phone and nobody’s answering. As the three of them leave their house, they find someone’s watching over the Morozov’s house.


It’s very troubling as we don’t know how this will turn up in the season 5 finale next week. Paige was also seen at the end of the episode training more and more with a punching bag in the garage. She’s taking matters into her own hands knowing how dangerous her parents’ job.

Henry has also introduced his new “friend,” Chris. They seem very close as they prepared a feast for the family. It’s making me curious if they’re writing Henry out of the show because Philip and Elizabeth don’t want him to know anything because of his interests in counterintelligence.

Tuan has really stepped in it and could be the reason that this whole operation falls through, and I’m wondering if Philip and Elizabeth are going to add another notch to their belt if Pascha’s attempted suicide ruins everything.

How will Oleg’s involvement come back to the States and include Beeman, the FBI, and Philip & Elizabeth? It’s been a huge question mark the whole season, but perhaps we might not find out until the final season in 2018.

Finally, will Mischa finally meet Philip? How will their relationship factor into the whole storyline? Will Philip completely disavow his son, or will he take him in like he’s part of the family?

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