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Dan Noon

David Blaine Live: Mesmerizing 'til the End

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Just when I thought magic couldn’t get any crazier, David Blaine, one of my all-time favorite celebrities and performers, blows my freaking mind yet again!!

David Blaine Live was his first live-audience performance at the Balboa Theatre as this kicked off his first North American tour across 40 cities to showcase his talents as a world-class magician and illusionist. What was awesome is that the entire performance was being filmed, and it’s likely to be a Netflix special, or something of the like once the tour finishes.

He read a legal disclaimer from a crumpled-up piece of paper because he was obligated to do so. Laughter filled the entire venue. For most of his tricks, he invited people on stage to help him, and, needless to say, everyone that participated was thrilled to be a part of the show.

His first stunt had him thread a needle through his lips, essentially, to partially sew his mouth shut. He then had a member of the audience pick a card from the deck. He did something that ultimately made the card appear inside his mouth.

He followed that up with two people coming up to be part of an experiment. The man and woman felt David touching both of them when really he was only touching one of them.

He used those same two people and trusted them as he duct-taped half-dollar coins over his eyes, and placed an ice pick under a paper cup. The two audience members shuffled around the three cups. They then placed David’s hands over two cups where they felt the ice pick was not residing… David somehow was able to smash both cups that were empty.

What’s even crazier is that he used the same ice pick to try and stick it through his hand. I don’t get weirded out, but this made my stomach churn watching it. Somehow, miraculously, or through ridiculous training, he was able to poke it just inside the skin of his palm. He then pulled it out with no signs of blood whatsoever.

While he cleaned himself up, Asi Wind, another magician/mind reader took the stage. He did very well in couple great acts, including one that was impressive and one mind-blowing.

He borrowed a man’s credit card, placed it in a small envelope, and put it with four others. Four more people were invited on stage. One woman and three men were in the group. They’ve never met Asi or been told anything before the show. They each picked their own envelope, and each contained a piece of paper. The men and woman choose their own envelopes without influence from Asi.

The one remaining envelope turns out to be the man’s credit card. The woman’s piece of paper said, “This will be read by the only woman in the group.” The first man’s paper read, “This will be read by the only one wearing glasses.” Sure enough, he was. The second man (3rd overall) reads aloud his paper: “This will be read by the only one with facial hair.” Unbelievable, but the finale was the best part. The final guy says, “This will be read by someone named Mike.” In disbelief and amazement, he tosses his paper to the ground and the crowd claps long and loudly.

The more impressive trick Asi carried out involved a Rubik’s Cube, or rather two of them. Both cubes were already solved. One man was asked to mix up the tiles on one cube. He did so. Asi brought the other to a man in the audience. He asked him to mix up the tiles on the second one.

Here’s where it gets insane: Asi solves the first guy’s cube in 20 seconds or so. It was very impressive. However, prior to doing that, and by some sheer coincidence (maybe?), both gentlemen had created the same Rubik’s cube combination in mixing up their tiles. Then, for the epic finish, Asi took both cubes, held them out with one in each hand, closed his eyes and faced the ground, and completely solved the Rubik’s Cubes flawlessly. Un-freaking-believable!!!

David came back out and showed a video of performers who were able to store water in their stomachs of gigantic proportions and spit out the water on command. Blaine chugged, I’d say, a good gallon of water, and then topped it off with a few sips of a highly flammable petroleum liquid. He lights up his wicked logo (the DB initials in the form of an upside-down spade) in flames and then proceeds to put out the fire by spitting out the water he stored in his stomach.

After a 20-minute or so intermission, David unveiled his coup de grâce in that he dove into a tank of fresh water and held his breath under water for 10 MINUTES STRAIGHT!!! There were no wires/tubes feeding him oxygen. There were no tricks. Members of the audience (20-30 people) were invited on stage to walk around the setup and feel the structure of the tank.

It was incredible! Card tricks are one thing. Some illusions here and there are impressive, but I’ve never seen anything like that.

One of the more genuine moments of the show – not to say certain aspects were NOT genuine – was David doing a 15-minute Q&A following his underwater survival performance. People asked great questions, including, but not limited to, the temperature of the water, the best place he’s ever visited, his relationship status, and how many tricks he has up his sleeve.

He concluded the night by doing 3 or 4 more card tricks with members of the audience. Vintage David Blaine continued to mesmerize us until the end of the night, which was a bucket-list item for yours truly. If you’re in a city he’s performing on this tour, don’t miss it. Get your tickets NOW!!

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