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See how sophisticated this sounds? It's really only a chicken sandwich, just made a little differently using the Ciabatta bread. But you could also modify the flavor of this simple sandwich by simply changing a couple of the items.

For Asian style you might try using a Teriyaki marinade and leaving out the Rosemary. For a more Mediterranean flavor, you could simply swap the avocado for feta cheese - you get the idea. -Sam 

Grilled Rosemary Chicken Sandwich  

Sam says: 

  • It's not the thickness of the chicken breast that matters (but a half-inch thickness is just about perfect), it's the evenness of the chicken breast. If everything is even, then it will cook evenly.
  • Marinate your chicken for AT LEAST a half hour. Overnight or all day while you're at work is even better. 
  • Use a screaming hot grill. It shouldn't take you more than 3 minutes on each side if you have it pounded to a half-inch thickness. 
  • Toast your buns! Oil the inside and get some grill marks on there, it's awesome. 

"Ah yes, another great American dish." 

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