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Can a full gas tank in your car explode with the heat?

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(TEGNA) - We've heard about soda cans, bottles of hairspray and other things exploding inside of cars when it's hot, but there is one post going around social media making some people concerned about putting gas in their cars.

Rumors circulate all the time on social media. So, we knew we needed to verify a post sent by viewers.

The post from, Pakistan State Oil warns people about filling a car's gas tank too much.

In the post, it suggests gas expands in the heat, and that a full gas tank and hot weather could cause an explosion.

The post online looks like a warning from a gas station in Pakistan telling people not to fill up their cars to the maximum level because it may cause an explosion in the fuel tank. It suggests you leave your tank half-full to allow space for air. (Image: KHOU)

But before you pay at the pump, it's important to know if you can have too much gas.

We went straight to the experts at AAA and got answers from Operations Manager Kyle Loftus.

"You can over-fill your car," he noted, but added that most cars are built to warn you.

"Most cars are equipped to go into auto shutoff when it's got enough fuel in it,” Loftus said. "I think all of us who have fueled up before, have always seen that handle kind of release."

However, he explained "The problem we (mechanics) see is when people pre-pay. They're trying to get every cent in there, and sometimes we just need to stop, go back and get the refund."

So, if people don't stop in time, is it possible for an overly full fuel tank to explode in the heat?

"To ignite gas without having a spark, is well over 500 degrees,” said Loftus. "The day it's over 500 degrees out, I'm sure we'll all know. And don't forget your sunscreen that day!"

So, we can verify this message is FALSE and your fuel tank will not explode in the heat.

AAA mechanics also said it's dangerous to run your car while low on gas. A solid gas tank helps cool the fuel pump, preventing car failure.

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