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Who's the Biggest Loser on the Show?

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--If you've ever lost more than $200 gambling in one day.
--If you've peed in something other than a toilet . . . when a toilet was nearby.
--If you've embarrassed yourself in front of a celebrity.
--If you've locked yourself out of the house or car in the past six months.
--If you can't name all six Brady kids.
--If you can't name all four Beatles.
--If you've never seen an x-rated movie.
--If someone has ever told you that you have bad breath.
--If you can't type without looking at the letters on the keyboard.
--If you lost your virginity before you were 16.
--If you've ever eaten a whole carton of ice cream in one sitting.
--If you've bought an infomercial product in the past two years.
--If you've ever woken up next to someone whose name you didn't know.
--You've run out of gas on the freeway.
--You've auditioned for a game show . . . and didn't get on.
--You own your own bowling shoes.
--You've given yourself a black eye.
--You've ever had to look up your parents' phone number.
--Your car gets fewer than 20 miles to the gallon.
--You wear your cell phone on your belt.
--You've ever been kicked out of a bar or club. 
--You've gone to a high school dance AFTER you've graduated.
--You've bought a birthday present for a pet . . . 
--You were regularly put in charge when the teacher left the room . . . . 
--You've ever thrown up on an airplane . . . 
--You've used a metal detector to look for anything on a public beach . . . 
--You own a sports jersey with the name of a current or former pro athlete . . . 
--You currently have a decorative toilet seat . . . 
--There are holes in the socks you are wearing right now.
--You've ever frequented a store, restaurant, or bar because you had a crush on someone who worked there.
--You are currently wearing a FAKE version of a designer watch, perfume, or any article of clothing.

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