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SeaWorld rescues sea lion wandering on Rosecrans Street

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 SAN DIEGO (NEWS 8) - It is not often you see a sea lion wandering the streets of San Diego. 

Officers were called to Garrison Street in Point Loma Monday afternoon to find a sea lion blocking traffic. 

"My mom came in screaming and I thought someone died in the street and I ran out. The sea lion was on her back," said Veronica Stecker. 

Bystanders like Veronica said they watched and helped police protect the sea lion as she was on the move - managing to cross Rosecrans Street.

"She got to Rosecrans and a lot of people were concerned so they were trying to stop the traffic. She was laying on the ground, scratching herself [and] sleeping - having a good time," said Chris Burt.  

Bystanders speculated the sea lion was on her way to Sand and Sea Liquor to by a Mega Millions tickets in hopes of winning the $1.6 billion jackpot. 

 SeaWorld told News 8 they have not seen a sea lion so far from the water in a long. 

"Her body condition looks great but we don't know why she chose to come up this way. We are going to get her a full exam, fluids - get her hydrated and calories in her. She looks ok. We are going to check out and see if something internally is wrong," said Heather Armentrout, a SeaWorld Senior Animal Care Specialist. 

 SeaWorld said the sea lion was resting at the rescue center. She will be checked by a veterinarian on Tuesday to determine what is next.

 "Luckily for the sea lion, she had a lot of people looking out for her [who] knew exactly who to call," said Armentrout. 

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