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World Peas: What’s everyone having for Christmas dinner?

By Jenny McGrath

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While many Christmas-celebrating Americans are home with family on December 25, digging into turkey, ham, or roast beef, those aren’t staples on everyone’s table. Christmas dinner looks a little (or a lot) different depending on where in the world you are. Even the United States has its own regional differences, such as salmon in Seattle or tamales in Texas. In Whoville, the Grinch himself carves the roast beast. Meanwhile, Jewish people the country over may head to a Chinese restaurant before taking in a movie. Dig into the delicious dishes and drinks that celebrate Christmas, Navidad, Nol, and all the rest.


christmas dinner around the world german weisswurst
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Goose is very common for Christmas dinner in Germany, but some enjoy weisswurst, sausages made of veal or pork. Lebkuchen is a gingerbready treat for the end of the meal.


France Christmas Dinner Foie Gras
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France is fancy with its foie gras, which is often one of the first of many courses at le rveillon, or Christmas Eve dinner. You may spy snails, oysters, and lobster, too.


christmas dinner around the world swedish christams risgrynsgr  t
Risgrynsgrt is a Swedish rice porridge that’s served with cinnamon and sugar, making it a sweet treat. Adults can wash it down with glgg, a potent, spiced wine punch.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican Christmas Dinner Eggnog
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Coquito is sort of like a Puerto Rican eggnog. It’s sometimes dusted with cinnamon, while eggnog is usually topped with nutmeg. Set the cup down next to a bowl of arroz con gandules, a mixture of rice and pigeon peas.


christmas dinner around the world ethiopian doro wat
Fanfo / Shutterstock

If you’ve never had Ethiopian doro wat, Christmas dinner is as good a time to start as any. It does take a while to make, so you’ll want to plan ahead.


There are lots of tasty options on Jamaicans’ Christmas dinner tables, including curried goat. Sorrel is a red rum drink that matches festive decor.

The Philippines

In the Philippines, it’s customary to serve up puto bumbong, a mixture of sweet and black rice cooked in bamboo, for dessert. A friend of ours swears by dinuguan. Don’t be put off by what many call it in English: pork blood soup.


christmas dinner around the world greek avgolemono
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Avgolemono is a traditional Greek chicken-egg-lemon soup served around Christmas (but is also great any time you’re feeling under the weather). For bread, there’s vasilopita, which is often made for New Year’s.


In Mexico, Christmas punch is called Ponche Navideo, and it’s made with a special fruit called tejocotes. Some compare them to crab apples because they can be a bit bitter. You’ll want to keep a beverage handy if you take your pork posole spicy.

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