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The Cybric Legend smartbike will have riders saying, ‘Hey, Alexa!’

By Kraig Becker

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If you need further proof that Amazon’s Alexa is poised to take over the world, look no further than the Cybic Legend. This new smartbike, which made its debut at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show, comes with the artificial intelligence-powered assistant baked right in. Reportedly, the new bike will use Alexa to handle a host of features and functionality designed to provide riders with greater safety and convenience while out on the road.

The bike, which is scheduled to go on sale in the U.K. this summer, is the first to feature Alexa onboard. The digital assistant isn’t just there to answer trivia questions or play a text-only version of Skyrim however, as she has been given a number of useful abilities that riders are sure to appreciate. For instance, Legend can track a number of fitness metrics, including speed, distance traveled, time, and more. Alexa can even display that information on the bike’s built-in touchscreen, making it easy to keep track of a workout.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for what Alexa can do on this bike. The digital assistant can also provide traffic information and provide navigational cues, helping a cyclist find his or her way on busy city streets. She can also be used to activate the bike’s integrated lighting system, turning on the front and rear lights using only the rider’s voice. The Legend even includes an audio player for listening to music and podcasts and it comes equipped with an alarm and GPS-tracking system that can be used to locate the bike should it be stolen or misplaced.

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In order to use Alexa’s connected features, the smartbike is outfitted with both Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity options. Reportedly, when the bike ships it will come with a Vodafone SIM card that provides three years of free 3G service. That isn’t blisteringly fast networking but it should be adequate enough to keep Alexa functioning while away from home.

There is no word on when exactly the Cybric Legend will go on sale or how much it will cost, but U.K. specialty shop Halfords will be the first to offer the bike. An electric version, dubbed the Cybric E-Legend, is rumored to also be in the works and will be offered alongside the original model. Whether or not either bike will make its way the U.S. remains to be seen. More informations is expected closer to launch.

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