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Honeywell Home/Resideo smart thermostats now come with remote room sensors

By Bruce Brown

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Months after changing the company name to Resideo, the former Honeywell Home introduced two new T-Series smart thermostats at CES 2019. The greatest difference between the new thermostats and earlier T-Series models is support for wireless Smart Room Sensors to balance and prioritize temperature in the home.

The T9 and T10 Pro can adjust the temperature to eliminate hot and cold spots by connecting Smart Room Sensors. You don’t have to use wireless sensors with either new thermostat, but you’ll need to add at least one Smart Room Sensor configured with your thermostat to take advantage of temperature balancing, room prioritization, people detection, and other features supported by the new models. You can connect up to 20 sensors to either of the new thermostats using a proprietary 900 MHz wireless radio frequency band. Sensors can be located up to 200 linear feet from the thermostat.

Smart Room Sensors monitor temperature, humidity, and motion and use that information to prioritize different areas in a home. Prioritizing lets you configure which room or rooms are most important. The entire heating and cooling system will be managed, so the temperature and humidity in the higher priority rooms and areas take precedence over lower priority locations.

You can also modify prioritization settings to match your family schedule. For example, you could prioritize your kitchen, family room, and study during daytime hours and then change the priority settings at night, so the bedrooms have the highest priority level.

The Smart Room Sensor people detection function sends a signal to the thermostat when someone enters or leaves the room. If only one person is still sleeping while everyone else has left for work or school, for example, the system can only prioritize the temperature in the bedroom of the remaining person.

You can also set the sensors to use motion detection to rebalance the heat and humidity settings as people change rooms.

The T9 and T10 Pro Smart thermostats carry forward share features from earlier T-Series Smart Thermostats. For example, users will be able to integrate the new thermostats with standard smart home systems and digital voice assistants including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, and others. With such a setup and Smart Room Sensors, you will be able to check the temperature or humidity status and change the settings for any room or area equipped with a sensor with voice commands.

The Honeywell Home Mobile App for iOS and Android devices lets users monitor the house remotely and configure temperature and humidity alerts. Geofencing location settings in the app can increase or decrease the house temperature based on the season, the configured schedule, and your current location.

The price is $199 for thermostat and sensor bundle, which will be available in Spring 2019.

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