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Nemeio’s E ink keyboard gives you a variety of custom layout options

By Anita George

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An E ink keyboard in which each key can be customized by its user was recently unveiled at CES 2019.

The Nemeio E ink keyboard and its software allow users to customize the layout and functions of each of its keys. The keyboard itself is comprised of transparent keys placed over a backlit E ink display. The keys can be arranged in a variety of layouts, including QWERTY, AZERTY, or Bpo. The layout can also be set to change automatically, as users switch between programs.

In addition to its layout options, the Nemeio keyboard allows users to personalize each key via its own software, which lets users drag and drop tools and app icons from other apps to the keyboard. The result is a keyboard that allows you to quickly launch your favorite apps, as well as the tools within those apps. Users can also develop keyboard configuration profiles for each app they use and then toggle between them using the navigation buttons on the side of the keyboard.

According to Nemeio’s website, the backlit E ink display can be personalized as well. The display’s light intensity, background color, and the font size of the keys can all be adjusted.

Besides its customizable keys and display, the Nemeio keyboard also offers a USB type-C port, Bluetooth connectivity, and the ability to be used with a variety of devices including smartphones, video projectors, connected TVs, and computers (Mac or PC).

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Despite all of its new, shiny features, a few drawbacks have already been noted. According to The Verge, the keyboard had a few hardware issues which resulted in “very poor travel” which seemed to reduce the overall accuracy of one’s typing at typing speeds considered normal for use on Mac and PC keyboards.

Engadget noted that the keyboard’s “lack of haptic feedback” could hinder the Nemeio’s ability to be an effective gaming device.

A specific release date or price for the Nemeio keyboard has not been announced yet. However, the price range has been reported to be between $300 to $500. The keyboard is expected to ship this year and will most likely launch in the summer.

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