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Felix Gray’s latest glasses cut down on blue light to help you sleep

By Christian de Looper

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Felix Gray Sleep Glasses

Forty-four percent of Americans wish they could get better sleep, according to lifestyle brand Felix Gray. So, in an attempt to help people improve their sleep, the company announced the new Felix Gray Sleep Glasses. Felix Gray has been previously known for its so-called “computer glasses,” which are aimed at general computer use and reducing eye strain.

Plenty of medical studies have concluded that the blue light emitted by screens can suppress melatonin levels — which means that the body may not be able to prepare itself to go to sleep when it should. The Sleep Glasses aim to prevent that.

The lenses essentially filter out blue light, ensuring that the body can produce melatonin and then go to sleep when it’s time.

“Our goal has never been to change people’s habits. According to our research, 60 percent of Americans watch TV before bed, 42 percent check Facebook, and 37 percent are streaming videos on sites like YouTube or Netflix — this isn’t going to change and will likely only increase,” Felix Gray CEO David Roger said in a statement.

Of course, other companies have made efforts to reduce the amount of blue light being blasted into our eyes, and that is only likely to continue. Both Apple and Google have built features into their smartphones to reduce blue light after a certain time of the day, and that can automatically kick in at a certain time. Still, plenty of devices don’t yet support features like this, and the main culprit seems to be the TV. Plenty of people watch TV at night before they go to bed, and that can be problematic for when it is finally time to sleep.

The Sleep Glasses themselves come at $95, and are available in prescription, non-prescription, and readers models — so anyone can make use of them. Not only that, but they’re also available in any of Felix Gray’s colors and models, which seem pretty stylish. According to Felix Gray, its new glasses are the only ones that allow you to see true color, despite the lenses being tinted to cut out blue light. If you’re interested in getting the Felix Gray Sleep Glasses for yourself, head to its website.

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