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LG’s Neo Art is a grab-and-go monitor that follows you wherever you go

By Michael Archambault

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Have you ever wished you could rip your monitor off your desk and take it with you? No? Well, we hadn’t either. But now that LG has shown it might be possible, we’re curious.

Along with launching a collection of new products that you can pick up, LG has shown off a concept idea that enables you to easily remove a monitor from its stand and transport it to another room. Whether you have two home offices or want to the ability to bring a monitor with you into the kitchen, the South Korean based company might be onto something.

LG Neo Art Grab and Go MonitorLG Neo Art CES 2019LG Neo Art CES 2019LG Neo Art CES 2019

The first thought that might pop into your head upon viewing the LG Neo Art is that you have stumbled across the world’s largest tablet, but the Neo Art has no internal operating system. It’s merely a portable, and attractive, monitor that can be connected to any Windows or MacOS computer.

LG’s booth at CES 2019 showcased two different monitor docks running side-by-side with an Apple MacBook Pro. One dock was elevated for a typical, desktop usage scenario, while the second was lower to the surface, perhaps ideal for a living room, bedroom, or kitchen setting.

A single USB-C port at the bottom of the display is used to connected the Neo Art unit to one of the docking stations, delivering power and video in a single connection.

Beyond its strange grab-and-go versatility, the LG Neo Art doesn’t pack any special features, lacking a webcam or speakers. Also, the version we saw at CES 2019 offers only 1,920 x 1,080 resolution in a world where 4k monitors are taking the market, and the CES show floor, by storm.

Samsung has its own alternative, called the Space Monitor, that looks very similar to LG’s concept. It too can attach to the back of a desk to lay flat again a wall. Samsung’s monitor, however, is not meant to be portable. It’s design is meant to save space but the stand is attached to the display. What the Samsung Space Monitor loses in portability, however, it gains in quality, because it has a 32-inch panel and 4K resolution.

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